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1. Wall-mounted air conditioners and heat pumps: 5 tips to help you choose

You intend to buy a wall-mounted air conditioner this year? Excellent idea. Have you started shopping around? If the answer is yes, you’ve certainly noticed a wide choice of brands and product lines. Here are a few practical tips to help you choose the product most suitable for your home.

Choose among well-known brands. Most major brands manufacture their appliances in their own factories, with high standards, top-quality parts that are also available as spare parts, and superior warranties. Additionally, those major brands usually benefit from Japanese technology ensuring high performance for many years.
Verify and compare the technical specifications of manufacturers. All product features should be indicated in the brochures so you can choose among the most suitable air conditioners.

Don’t forget that an air conditioner with a SEER of 21 or 28 is more economical and efficient than one with a 15 or 16. It may cost a little more at purchase time, but it will perform better and more efficiently than a low-end model, and will also feature additional options such as a quiet mode, a high-power mode, an Econavi or AutoComfort mode.

As the saying goes, “Silence is golden.” This is especially true when you want to sleep in cool comfort thanks to an air conditioner operating at full capacity all night. You can refer to the dB rating to compare the quietness of products, and there’s a big difference! Here’s a tip for comparing the units’ indoor sound level: compare the outdoor sound level of the most expensive model (between 47 and 51 dB) with the indoor sound level of the least expensive one (between 48 and 52 dB). If you choose the least expensive unit, it will make as much noise inside your home as outside! If you still decide to make that choice, I can only hope you’ll… sleep well!

A last tip before you complete your purchase. The Halocarbon Regulations, which cover the coolant (also called R410a) used in all air conditioners and heat pumps, stipulates that anyone doing maintenance, installation, servicing or dismantling work on any cooling or air conditioning unit must hold H4 or H1 certification for the recovery of halocarbons. Be careful about savings offers and promises made to you.

Deciding to install an air conditioner or heat pump is an excellent way to improve your comfort, but keep in mind that product and installation quality is essential.

2. Increase the service life of your air conditioning system

You’d like to keep your air conditioning system longer? Annual maintenance will enable you to do that.
Eloquent studies

The studies prove that with regular maintenance, your air conditioning system will maintain 95% of its initial effectiveness.

A wall-mounted air conditioning system has an average service life of 15 to 20 years. However,, if you don’t maintain it correctly, it will lose about 5% of its effectiveness each year, in addition to increasing your electricity bill. Need we add that without adequate maintenance, your appliance will have a shorter service life?

You’ll quickly recover that maintenance cost by reducing your energy costs and not having to make repairs.
Why choose Panasonic?

We offer you an extraordinary 10-year warranty on all Panasonic air conditioning systems distributed by Descair. This warranty applies to parts, labour and the sealed cooling system.

Panasonic offers you appliances renowned for their performance and durability. A great many people own Panasonic appliances, because they understand that it’s one of the most reliable brands on the market and that buying a Panasonic product means buying peace of mind, especially with such an excellent warranty. Who can ask for more?

3. Lower your energy costs

Who doesn’t like to save money? Here are three ways to lower your energy costs.

Adjust your temperature

You’d like to adjust your temperature correctly to optimize the performance of your air conditioning system and save money? Nothing could be simpler. Just use the remote control to choose the right temperature!

Clean the coils regularly

It’s simple: if your air conditioner’s coils are dirty, it will be harder for it to cool your home. So it will operate longer, which will increase your energy costs and shorten the life of your unit. You think the difference is small? Dirty coils can increase your bill by 30%.

Change or clean the filter regularly

You’d like to save up to 5% of your electricity bill? You only have to change your air conditioner’s air filter each month. By working less hard, your unit will consume less energy.

Less energy, more comfort

Panasonic’s advanced Inverter technology saves you energy. The inverter continually adjusts the compressor’s rotation speed at all times, for optimum performance at all times. So you obtain rapid cooling while consuming less energy compared to units without an inverter. You also reduce temperature differences..

4. Fight allergies effectively!

Your seasonal allergies are giving you a tough time? Discover the SUPER alleru-buster filter, available exclusively on Panasonic air conditioners. In addition to providing you with a consistently comfortable temperature, Panasonic air conditioners offer triple air filtration, for a clean healthy environment.

Make life difficult for domestic irritants

No matter how much attention you pay to your living environment, it’s not easy to protect yourself against several types of irritants, such as dead mites, cat dander, pollen, viruses, bacteria or even mold.

That’s why Panasonic has equipped its air conditioners with a triple-action filter that neutralizes more than 99% of trapped irritants.
Three additional benefits

The SUPER alleru-buster filter neutralizes trapped allergens. The catechin prevents viruses from returning to the ambient air. Lastly, the filter’s enzymatic activity eliminates airborne bacteria and mold trapped by the filter.

Japan’s Osaka technical research institute and the university of Edinburgh have performed tests validating the effectiveness of Panasonic’s SUPER alleru-buster filter in neutralizing more than 99% of trapped allergens, viruses and bacteria.

To choose a Panasonic air conditioning system it to obtain a guarantee of excellent filtration, for clean healthy air at the right temperature.

5. Panasonic heat pumps and wall-mounted air conditioners: efficient, reliable and installed by certified professionals.

Panasonic dealers in Quebec are professionals who have been certified by the manufacturer to guarantee the installation of your air conditioning system and help deliver optimal results for your investment.

Panasonic offre une gamme de thermopompes et de climatiseurs muraux au design sobre et contemporain, qui s’intègrent harmonieusement dans tous les décors intérieurs.

Panasonic offers a wide range of heat pumps and wall-mounted air conditioners featuring a minimal, yet contemporary design that will harmoniously mesh with any home interior.

In addition to being quiet, Panasonic air conditioners feature five ventilation speeds to ensure maximum air circulation in your home.

Lastly, Panasonic units are equipped with a variable-speed inverter compressor, which automatically compensates for changes in temperature and adapts intensity to deliver a consistent flow of cool air. No more dips in temperature caused by stop-and-start systems!

Click here to learn more about Panasonic air conditioners.

6. Remember: there are more systems than installers, so make your appointment today to enjoy a cooler summer sooner!

Don’t let the current weather fool you… It’s going to be summer in less than 50 days, so you’d best start thinking about your summer comfort today! Buying an air conditioner is easy, but getting the installation done is another matter. Summer is the busiest season for air conditioning professionals, which means that if you buy your system in June, you may not get an appointment for installation before August. And if there’s a heat wave, the model you’re looking for may quickly go out of stock.

Now is a great time to call a technician to schedule your yearly system maintenance or to visit an expert dealer and purchase the system that suits your needs. The sooner you can book that installation appointment, the better.

7. Maintaining your wall-mounted air conditioner

The maintenance of your wall-mounted air conditioner is pretty easy. Simply clean your unit’s filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, usually every 2-3 weeks while the unit is in use.

Nevertheless, it is also important to check the exterior part of your unit once a year, ideally between middle and end of June. This is when tree pollen is most likely to block air circulation in the coil, which will significantly impact your system’s performance.

If this happens, first close the circuit breaker supplying the air conditioner and then clean out the coil using a water hose (with no hose gun). If you think a little pressure is required, simply apply your thumb to the end of the hose and spray the coil from top to bottom. Never spray the coil from side to side, as this will damage its fragile fins. Having finished the cleaning, you can then turn the circuit breaker back on and restart your unit.

When checking the two exterior hoses, you should see condensation on the larger of the two – this is a sign that everything is working well. However, if there is condensation only on the smaller hose, something is probably wrong with the system (ventilators or filters need cleaning, leaking coolant).

In any case, we strongly recommend that you call a technician, who has the necessary equipment, training and expertise to keep your air conditioning system performing well.

8. For efficient air conditioning: ventilation is good, but dehumidification is better.

The key factor to being comfortable this summer is not reaching lower temperatures – rather, it’s eliminating humidity. In Quebec, the humidity is unbearable. For example, a temperature of 36°C in Arizona is very pleasant, but here, 29°C can feel like 40°C when we factor in the humidex. Persistent humidity can impact your sleep patterns, which will in turn influence your mood and ability to be productive at work. Making the right decision when choosing an air conditioner means eliminating the negative impacts of this pervasive humidity in your life.

First, it is important to weigh the different features of all wall-mounted air conditioners. You should look not only at their ventilation power, but also take into consideration their capacity for absorbing humidity – or dehumidification.

Some models have considerable ventilation capacity, around 340 cubic feet per minute (cfm). This enables them to quickly reach the desired temperature, but usually at the expense of dehumidification. In short, the faster air is moving through your system, the less it can dehumidify.

Other models outputting 280 cfm will take longer to lower the air temperature, but their better capacity for dehumidification also contributes to lowering the temperature and increasing the quality of your air conditioning.

Noise level is also an important selection criterion. A difference of as little as three decibels (dB) can lead to one model making twice the noise as another model. For example, Sanyo has an air conditioning system with a 12,000 BTU capacity that only generates 36 dB of sound when working at full speed. That’s barely louder than a whisper!

The Energy Star logo is not very telling either. There are powerful air conditioning systems that work less, and thus obtain a good Energy Star rating, but still leave your home feeling humid. Conversely, a system able to simultaneously ventilate and dehumidify can work for a longer period of time – without ever needing full power – if it is equipped with a variable-speed compressor. And your home will be far more comfortable too. After all, a fresh house is much better than a cold room!